Freeyourpost was founded in September 2014 by Rafel Galdó and Lidia Martínez.

Lidia Martínez, graduated in Audiovisual Communication by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, has held different management positions within the audiovisual field. She worked in journalism for TV3 and then as a Production Director for TV shows and documentaries in DTV Productions / Media Park. For the last 20 years her work has been focus on Account Direction for cinema and TV within the postproduction department with such major companies as Filmtel, Infinia and Imasblue. 

She currently works as a Post-Production teacher at ESCAC (Higher School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia), a work she combines with post-production supervision in feature films and television projects.

+34 670 440 245

Rafael Galdó began his professional career at Animatica, the first animation and 3D design company in Spain. Subsequently, he founded Virtual Effects, specialized in 3D and VFX animation for cinema, advertising and events. In 2005 he joined Molinaire / Imasblue as a cinema Project and Operations Director. Later on, he joined Tres60 Group in Barcelona as a Postproduction Director.
During this time as a Director, Postproduction Director and VFX Supervisor he has acquired a lot of experience of team coordination and postproduction project supervision and control.

+34 670 887 267

Throughout their working life, Lidia and Rafa have established a strong relationship with producers and distributors as well as postproduction suppliers. Their experience is supported by their solid knowledge accumulated over the years.

Both have a clear vocation of service and broad technical knowledge that guarantee them to take on the task of any audiovisual postproduction project regardless its size and budget.

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