Processing licenses, permits and investing time and money is no longer a problem.
Thousands of top quality pieces of music by renowned artists and composers of all genres that you are free to use.
Full management for any fiction project and/or documentary, whether it’s music from our catalogue or music owned by third parties.
Musicians specialised in cinema and TV for original compositions.
Management Department for public communication rights for audiovisual projects around the world.

At Freeyourpost we protect all parties, we look after copyright interests and ensure that the financial returns generated by these rights are delivered.



Over 10,000 works by renowned artists and composers who specialise in the audiovisual industry at the disposal of our clients.

Automatic license for all territories and media.

Specialised composers for creating the project’s original music.

Registration of the project with intellectual property entities.

Protection for the production company, musicians, actors and parties involved in the copyright.

Assessment and management of public communication rights.

Tracking tools to find out where the project is broadcasted on an international level.

JBC MUSIC HALL tools available to our clients to help them search for the music that best fits with their scene.

Management of contracts, permits and licenses with third parties.